Quillisascut Farm

Vendors is a funny word. I guess that I would get more interest if I said “farmers” but then that is not always an accurate term either. Partners is a word that sometimes makes sense and in the case of Quillisascut Farm it feels quite apt. The basics are that Rick and Lora Lea Misterly produce goat cheese in Rice, Washington. In our walk-in cooler window you will often see their Farmer’s cheese and Blue Cheese; they are two of our favorites. The fact that we buy cheese from them is inconsequential to the relationship.

Their farm is more of a community center than cheese factory. The Farm School they operate brings together a wide range of people under class headings such as “farm culinary,””intro to cheese making,” and “garden to table.” The unifying factor is that in all things food related, they teach a mindfulness that puts life, work, community and the environment into balance.

I feel lucky that I get to visit the farm a couple of times a year. I am happy to introduce new people to Rick and Lora Lea. And I am proud to call them a vendor because they exemplify the kind of partnership I strive for. The kind of business relationship that involves more than just buying a product.

To learn more about Quillisascut you can go their website or buy their book- Chefs on the Farm