Full Bushel Farm

This is only the second year that Dan and Lauri Sproule have been farming in this area but they are already one of my favorite providers.  Two of the products that are under represented in the marketplace are salad greens and winter root vegetables. Full Bushel excels at both. With the help of their greenhouses, we are already receiving baby arugula, overwinter spinach and baby lettuce mix from them. They stored up over 1000# of carrots in their custom root cellar but that went quicker than they thought.

Over the summer we will continue to get the majority of our greens from them including russian red kale, lacinato kale, arugula, and spinach as well as basil, parsley, carrots, shallots, cippolini onions and hopefully some winter parsnips.

I went to visit their farm on a chilly spring morning but their Full Bushel Farm Facebook page has some great pictures of their place at the height of harvest. You can get some of their produce for yourself at the Thursday Market on Perry Street and the Liberty Lake Market on Saturdays.

Full Bushel Greenhouse