Milk Crate Garden

This summer we have been doing a lot of thinking about how to green up our space. Gardening is part of my blood and it has been a hard thing to realize that this year I wouldn’t have the time to commit to a garden to the level I hoped to. This has freed me up to do more research into new ideas for urban gardening that would work for our space which is (1) short on open bed space (2) very sunny (3) always changing in how we are using the space.

My friend Terry Patano at Doma Coffee sent me this article about one new method that is perfect for our situation. Milk Crates. Tom Colicchio’s new restaurant in NYC has a rooftop vegetable garden planted entirely in milk crates. This allows the farmer to start the plants offsite in greenhouses and move them in to place when the weather permits. It will allow us to put plants into small spaces around our patio when they are ready to go but allowing us to move them out after harvesting. We have a sea of concrete with a mix of full sun and full shade to work and then the open beds can be for perennial plantings such as herbs, rhubarb, espalier fruit trees.

In the next two months we will be constructing the raised beds for our permanent plantings and ¬†beginning our collection of milk crates. Until then I am going to pour over the seed catalogs one more time and daydream about next year’s garden.