Lima Greenhouses


Last week I visited the Lima Greenhouses in Vinegar Flats. This is a third generation business run by the Taylor family located along Latah Creek just down the hill from downtown. They have traditionally grown landscaping and house plants but the latest generation has recognized that they have the unique opportunity to provide year round herbs, greens and vegetables to the Spokane market. Despite this being their first year they have gone big planting over 5,000 tomato plants and a sea of herbs. They also show their ambition by offering baby lettuce mixes which are both popular and tedious to harvest- imagine giving an entire  greenhouse a regular haircut. We buy baby greens occasionally from Full Bushel Farms when they are available but now with a more consistent supply we may integrate them into our menu more.

I like meeting with farmers when they are in these early stages of development because it is a great opportunity to work out mutually beneficial arraignments before too many decisions about their business plan are set into stone. I am very excited about this venture because it has a lot going for it. The infrastructure is in place, the growing know-how is excellent, they are open to new ideas and the family has so much enthusiasm for their products. I look forward to visiting the greenhouses many times this winter and hope to bring some people with me to help spread the word about what the Taylors are doing down in Latah Valley.

IMG_1731 IMG_1730