One Year

A year ago this week we were bleary eyed with an endless To-Do list. We were just weeks away from opening the restaurant and drowning in questions that had no answers- just guesses. One year later, there is still a lot of work to be done but now we have answers to many of those pre-opening concerns.

We were a business with a funny name stuck out in a field with no direct arterial access on a road that didn’t show up on GPS. No Diet coke, no ketchup. Open 16 hours a day with a full bar and 3 different menus.

Now we know more about the personality of this business as it grows out of it’s infancy. We have a great mix of employees who contribute so much of themselves to our continuing development. We have new apartments and businesses filling up and they have turned the concept of a neighborhood restaurant into a reality. We have new friendships with people who have made eating with us part of their regular routine.

One year later we are grateful for all the good fortune and good will we have received. The gratitude will be put into motion as we take the training wheels off of Central Food and begin implementing new ideas that will help everyone see what we are truly capable of.


On Sunday, October 20th we will be closed so that the staff can spend the day at Quillisascut Farm. This completes a circle that started at the farm years ago when conversations around the kitchen table helped define the ideas that have now come to life.


On Saturday, November 2nd we will close down after lunch to celebrate our first year with our families and friends.


And on Tuesday, November 5th we begin a new year for Central Food.