Hannah the Baker

Before there was Central Food, there was an idea that I wanted to build a restaurant around bread. Lots of things are required to do it right: the oven, enough space, a menu that could utilize the product. But without a doubt the most important thing for us was finding someone who could make the most of this opportunity. My friend Dena suggested Hannah Bartholomew and we have not looked back since.
Hannah has started to receive some recognition for her daily efforts and she is as modest as you would expect her to be. So it is my pleasure to applaud her for her greatness.

Fun Facts about Hannah:
Hannah smiles and laughs all day everyday.
Hannah is always dancing, seriously always dancing.
Hannah borrowed a $10 bike and has been biking to work and everywhere else since then. She just rode 100 miles on that $10 bike yesterday- as an avid cyclist this fact is hard for me to fathom.
Hannah tells great stories about working on a farm in France.
Hannah picks most of the music you hear during the weekday breakfast.
Hannah doesn’t just make bread she also makes English Muffins, ice creams, desserts and pastries.

Thank you Hannah for making Central Food a great place to work and eat.