Central Food is People: Kris

I couldn’t resist using this picture of Kris chopping wood during last fall’s trip to Quillisascut Farm not because he is Canadian and we all enjoyed how gleeful he was at the chance to swing an axe but because it embodies how he is with everything he does. Kris throws himself into his job everyday. Kris has one of those personalities that allows himself to work his way through even the most difficult shifts with sincere kindness. Even when he was the only server at 7:00 a.m. and  a classic car club was waiting for the doors to open he got the job done and survived with a smile.

Kris is a member of the local band Terrible Buttons.  He is a member of two hockey teams. And he is  a member of the Central Food Bike Commuters Club. Like the Post Office he manages his way across town through rain, sleet and snow to get to the restaurant for pre-dawn shifts. I believe that Kris now has the record for most lifetime Bloody Marys made at CF as well as a nomination for most non work-related recreation injuries. I guess working hard and playing hard do go hand in hand.