Central Food is People: Irina

Hannah calls Irina “accidentally fabulous” because of her effortless style. I call her simply “the best” because of all the people I have worked on the line with, Irina is the person I like working with the most. She works hard but more importantly she anticipates how to help others better than anyone I have known. She makes busy nights easier. And she copes with my quirks with her easy going attitude. I could go into specifics about why Irina is a great cook and why she is liked by so many across such a wide spectrum of people but Irina wouldn’t want that kind of attention. She is outgoing without being talkative. She is social yet still elusive and private. She is game for harvesting wheat or going dancing. And she always puts the hammer down.

I am lucky to have worked so many shifts with her and hope for many good times ahead.