Palouse Pastured Poultry

Every Tuesday morning Emmy Widman calls me from Rosalia to get our chicken order. During the next 24 hours they select birds that fit our size request, process them in a certified organic facility and drive them to us. I have no doubt that these birds are the best chicken we can buy. We are proud to be the only restaurant in Spokane buying from them even though we wish we they had more customers locally.  We buy whole birds and use the livers in our pate, the bones become stock, the legs are roasted and used in the Chicken Salad Sandwich and the breast is featured right now with a Spring Succotash at dinner. The fact that they taste so good is just one part of our decision to spend extra for this product.

They have set on a difficult road raising chickens the way they do. It takes longer and costs more to pasture raise. It requires more transportation cost to be certified organic because of the limited number of facilities they can use. The local market for this super premium product is small which means they have to drive the majority of their birds to the west side of the state to sell. They have taken on these challenges because they wanted to be the best. We want their ethic to be rewarded and we want it to be a successful model for more farmers.

You can also buy their whole chickens and eggs at the Main Market Co-op.