Central Food is People: Nicole

I got to know Nicole during a Chef retreat at Quillisascut years ago. At that time she was gaining a statewide reputation as the Chef of Black Cypress in Pullman. When she moved back to Spokane we were fortunate that she choose to work here at Central Food. She is a rare combination of deep food knowledge, experienced executor of pastries and savory foods, natural instinct for organization and systems and a warm, upbeat personality. She has done a great deal to help this young restaurant get it’s sea legs and we are thankful for that but we are more grateful for the opportunity we have had to learn from her lessons about how to enjoy food, people and life.

Now Nicole is going to The Spokane Club to take over the kitchen and be part of a major renovation of the facility. It is an exciting time for her. As much as we will miss her, her joyful mark on Central Food will always be felt and it helps that we can see the door to her new kitchen from our kitchen here just a short zipline away.