Central FoodCentral Food is a story being written by the collaborative effort of all of the dedicated people working there everyday. It’s pre-history starts a long time ago when I got a job at Playfair Horse Racing Track. From the windowless kitchen of the Turf Club, washing dishes and cracking eggs, there has been a ribbon of kitchen jobs that has woven in and out of towns and restaurants around the Northwest. All along the way I learned that there were many facets within these jobs that kept me interested and learning.

The Pre-History of Central Food is framed within a job that became a career, that became a lifestyle. Over these years I have sought out ways to accomplish new goals. Central Food is not the goal, it is a place from which I can hope to keep finding new ideas to be fascinated by.

The scope of Central Food is broad. Breakfast, lunch and dinner everyday isn’t easy, but it is what I would want from a neighborhood restaurant. It is meant to be welcoming to someone on their morning walk looking for a place to drink coffee and read the paper to the group of friends getting together to eat, drink and talk around a patio table on a hot summer night.

The commitment to community extends beyond guests and the employees. The producers of our ingredients, the skilled tradesman that keep our equipment working, and the organizations that we partner with to improve life in Spokane for everyone are all part of our mission to find ways to always do better.

Thank you for your interest in Central Food,
David Blaine