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Estella Farm

Usually when I visit a farm I expect to see things growing. My recent visit to Estella Farms was more about the future growth of the farm itself. Local businessman John Crow has land in Deer Park that is ready to become a multi-use agricultural park. He is starting off by repairing the 100 year […]

Central Scrutinizer July Edition

  100th Tour De France We are wheeling out the TV to watch the biggest bicycle event of the year. The live broadcasts of the end of the race starts most days at 7:00 a.m. and then at about 8:00 a.m. the rebroadcast of the full race begins. Check NBC Sports website for details.   […]

Food For Your Ears

Food is tied to music in so many ways it is beyond the need to explain the relationship. The relationship is stronger than ever but it is definitely changing. The days of listening to the classic rock station in kitchens and soft jazz in the dining room are over. In fact the back kitchen music […]

Ketchup Conundrum

A couple of weeks after opening our doors, a Spokesman-Review blogger wrote about an enjoyable breakfast he had at the restaurant. The praise was diminished somewhat by a lengthy rant about the coffee “not tasting like coffee”. The morning of their visit some Ethiopian Sidamo was served instead of our usual darker than dark morning […]

Books, Barbecue and Self Discovery

Later today a custom smoker will finish it’s journey from Centerville, Georgia to Central Food. Toys are great and I won’t argue that this is a big boy toy in many ways but it is more importantly a tool for self discovery. One of the questions that comes up is “why cooking?” I always answer […]

Bloomsday and Mother’s Day

The first year is all about learning. We are about to learn what two big events have in store for us. Bloomsday is a massive community event that we happen to be stuck inside of. Automobile access won’t be possible, but we will be about a 100 yards from where 50,000 people finish the race […]

Full Bushel Farm

This is only the second year that Dan and Lauri Sproule have been farming in this area but they are already one of my favorite providers.  Two of the products that are under represented in the marketplace are salad greens and winter root vegetables. Full Bushel excels at both. With the help of their greenhouses, […]

Quillisascut Farm

Vendors is a funny word. I guess that I would get more interest if I said “farmers” but then that is not always an accurate term either. Partners is a word that sometimes makes sense and in the case of Quillisascut Farm it feels quite apt. The basics are that Rick and Lora Lea Misterly […]

Food Identity, Spokane

Connected Chef

Last weekend was the 6th annual Chef’s Retreat at Quillisascut Farm. Thinking about the conversations from 6 years ago provides ample evidence that food in Spokane has changed in remarkable ways. One of the biggest changes seems to revolve around Identity. There is less cynicism, there are fewer comparisons with nearby cities, and there is […]

Thoughts for March


March is all about expectation. Thoughts are drawn out into the weeks ahead, the warmer days, the radishes, English peas, the cherries. There is also much serious thought about how the restaurant will change with the addition of the outdoor seating. It will be like a new beginning, as exciting as it will be challenging. […]