Central Food is People: Kendra

Restaurants have gatekeepers. These are the people at the front desk who must handle the onslaught at 6:30 p.m. on Friday or 10:00 a.m. on Sunday. They keep everybody calm as they find ways to get them a table, manage their special needs and in general keep them happy. Gatekeepers have to be special people […]

Central Food is People: Nicole

I got to know Nicole during a Chef retreat at Quillisascut years ago. At that time she was gaining a statewide reputation as the Chef of Black Cypress in Pullman. When she moved back to Spokane we were fortunate that she choose to work here at Central Food. She is a rare combination of deep […]

Central Food is People: Irina

Hannah calls Irina “accidentally fabulous” because of her effortless style. I call her simply “the best” because of all the people I have worked on the line with, Irina is the person I like working with the most. She works hard but more importantly she anticipates how to help others better than anyone I have […]

Central Food is People: Kris

I couldn’t resist using this picture of Kris chopping wood during last fall’s trip to Quillisascut Farm not because he is Canadian and we all enjoyed how gleeful he was at the chance to swing an axe but because it embodies how he is with everything he does. Kris throws himself into his job everyday. […]

Central Food is People: Bambi

During this last year, the sun that our morning crew revolves around has been Bambi. I don’t know of anyone who is happier at 6:00 a.m. than Bambi. She broadcasts joy every minute of every day. Fun facts about her include: she was born in Japan, she loves working in her garden,  she knows the […]

Hannah the Baker

Before there was Central Food, there was an idea that I wanted to build a restaurant around bread. Lots of things are required to do it right: the oven, enough space, a menu that could utilize the product. But without a doubt the most important thing for us was finding someone who could make the […]