I like these guys, I buy stuff from them.

Linc Farmers

It goes without saying that we all want to get our foods directly from the people who grow it. This simple desire comes from a notion that it is better for everyone involved. Unfortunately, we live in a complicated world and there are lots of factors that get in the way of this working out. […]

Palouse Pastured Poultry

Every Tuesday morning Emmy Widman calls me from Rosalia to get our chicken order. During the next 24 hours they select birds that fit our size request, process them in a certified organic facility and drive them to us. I have no doubt that these birds are the best chicken we can buy. We are […]

Lima Greenhouses

  Last week I visited the Lima Greenhouses in Vinegar Flats. This is a third generation business run by the Taylor family located along Latah Creek just down the hill from downtown. They have traditionally grown landscaping and house plants but the latest generation has recognized that they have the unique opportunity to provide year […]

Shepherd’s Grain

  Shepherd’s Grain is a collective of 30 farmers that utilize a remarkable no-till method of wheat production to produce the best flour I have worked with. My opinion of Shepherd’s Grain is shared by the best bakeries in the Northwest. From Pearl bakery in Portland to Seattle’s Grand Central and Macrina bakeries to Petit […]

Estella Farm

Usually when I visit a farm I expect to see things growing. My recent visit to Estella Farms was more about the future growth of the farm itself. Local businessman John Crow has land in Deer Park that is ready to become a multi-use agricultural park. He is starting off by repairing the 100 year […]

Full Bushel Farm

This is only the second year that Dan and Lauri Sproule have been farming in this area but they are already one of my favorite providers.  Two of the products that are under represented in the marketplace are salad greens and winter root vegetables. Full Bushel excels at both. With the help of their greenhouses, […]

Quillisascut Farm

Vendors is a funny word. I guess that I would get more interest if I said “farmers” but then that is not always an accurate term either. Partners is a word that sometimes makes sense and in the case of Quillisascut Farm it feels quite apt. The basics are that Rick and Lora Lea Misterly […]