Bloody Mary

CF Mary mix, our pickled vegetables, vodka  10


Orange Juice and Ruffino Prosecco  9

~see back of menu for more breakfast beverages~

Toast, Jam and Cheese  6 G,D

Griddle Potatoes with Romesco  4 G,D

Bread and Chocolate  4 G

Oatmeal Groats with Accessories  7

Scones &  Jam  5  G,D

Our Breakfast Potatoes are Sautéed Olsen Farm Bintje Potatoes

 with roasted Carrots and Parsnips.

Tiny Diner

1 egg*,  CF potatoes and toast  7 M,G,D

Diner Breakfast

2 eggs*, bacon, sausage, CF potatoes, toast  11 M,G,D


mushroom mousse, bacon, poached egg*, toast soldiers  7 M,G,D

Bacon & Egg Toast

open faced sandwich, comté cheese, over easy egg*, bacon  8 M,G,D

Miso Scramble 

red miso, walnuts, scallions, scrambled eggs; with cucumber salad  10

Croque Madame 

grilled bread, wholegrain mustard, sharp cheddar, ham, over easy egg* 10  M,G,D

Smoked Pork Shoulder Hash

pulled pork, sweet potatoes, red peppers, onions, spinach, Tabasco butter,

over easy egg*  12 M,D

Breakfast Gumbo

andouille sausage, chicken, potatoes, cajun tomato stew, over easy egg*  12 M,G,D

French Toast

with honey-bourbon-pecan butter and maple syrup  10 G,D

Fruit Bowl

apples, bananas, dried fruit, walnuts, cinnamon, milk or almond milk  6 D