Gluten Free Bread and House Made Ketchup Available on Request

Toast, Jam and Cheese  6 G,D

Griddle Potatoes with Romesco  4 G

Bread and Chocolate  4 G

Oatmeal Groats with coconut oil and Accessories  7 G

Scones & Jam  5 G,D

English Muffin & Jam  4 G

Bacon & Egg Toast

open faced sandwich, comté cheese, over easy egg*, bacon  8 M,G,D

Breakfast Gumbo

smoked andouille sausage, chicken, potatoes, cajun tomato stew, over easy

egg*  12 M,G,D

Diner Breakfast

2 eggs*, bacon, sausage, CF potatoes, toast  11 M,G,D


tri-tip beef, kimchee, pickled onions, spinach, over easy egg*, jasmine rice  13 M

Smoked Pork Shoulder Hash

pork, sweet potatoes, peppers, onions, spinach, Tabasco butter, over easy egg*  12 M,D

Eggs Benedict

house made English muffin, house smoked ham, poached eggs*, spinach, hollandaise, potatoes  13 M,G,D

Vegan Benedict

English muffin, sautéed spinach and asparagus, cashew hollandaise, potatoes  11 G

Miso Scramble 

red miso, walnuts, scallions, scrambled eggs; with cucumber salad  10

French Toast

with honey-bourbon-pecan butter and organic maple syrup  10 G,D

PNW Lentil Bowl    

golden beets, spinach, lentils, radish, cucumber, red onion, red wine            vinaigrette  10

Kale Caesar Salad    

mixed kale, anchovy garlic caesar dressing, parmesan cheese,         crouton 8 D

~sandwiches come with choice of one sideboard item~ 

Sideboard: lentil soup….4  kimchee (contains Fish sauce)….4  cucumber salad…4

Brussel sprouts…..4


Korean Pork Sandwich

slow braised pork shoulder, turmeric onions, Sriracha mayo  12 M,G

Chickpea Burger

mediterranean chickpea patty, cilantro, butter lettuce, herb mayo on brioche bun 11 G,D

Chicken Salad Sandwich

roasted chicken with onions, CF pickles, on country bread  12 M,G

Smoked Brisket Sandwich

brisket, BBQ sauce, CF pickles, whole grain mustard on brioche bun  13 M,G.D

Country Lunch 

lentil soup bowl with toasted CF bread and butter  9 G,D